Every one of us has at least fallen weak on our knees at least once in a lifetime, for the feeling of love. Be it your classmate’s crush, love at first sight in your college, or falling in love with a person you accidentally met on a road trip. Regardless of the place, the feeling of love has touched our hearts to the core for sure. We bet describing the feeling is tough this valentine week. Be it as romantic as you would pausing when you see your love or just simply sipping a cutting chai paired with a wholesome conversation, love is love. What better way than having a dedicated month for the love of your life? Be it casual dating or a relationship, we often like to plan surprise gifts for the people we like, don’t we? The month of love, February is here! 


Wondering what day is tomorrow in valentine’s week? We’ve got you covered with insights into every day and everything that you’d need to prep up in order to impress your valentine this year!  


What is Valentine’s week?


The roots of existence of this love fiesta began with a Christian feast day, in order to honor Saint Valentine. However, gradually over the years, this was adapted as a culture, thereby metamorphosing into a commercial celebration of love. Considering our busy lives, we often forget to express our love and gratitude to our special ones. Take this opportunity and let’s make sure your little gestures mean the world to your valentine this year. Wondering what is valentine’s week? The week consists of a special event every day to showcase your love for your valentine. Let’s have a look at these special days. 


7th February – Rose Day 


Flowers have always stayed a symbol of love. What better way to express your feelings to your crush this season than with a lovely bunch of roses? Level up your game of love and romance with the fragrance of love, to which it’ll be tough for your partner to not melt. Well, a special mention to all our single folks out there! You’re not to be left out. This season is not only to express your love romantically but also to your loved ones including your parents and love whom we love unconditionally. Here’s a rosy tip from us! How about you gift your loved one a rose sapling bearing lovely flowers, reminding them how special they are to you? Let’s get to the next step in knowing what day is tomorrow Valentine’s Week! 


8th February – Propose Day 


A romantic relationship is something we all adore and crave for. Be the king/queen of romance in your relationship and sass it up with a wonderful proposal. Proposals don’t always have to be fancy, you see? Who knows your partner better than you? You could slay with handwritten letters or a fancy date to propose your valentine, depending on your partner’s liking. Speak your heart and ask your partner out. The more genuine you are, the ball is in your court lovelies! Now that you’re getting a hang of what is valentine’s week, let us learn more about what day is tomorrow valentine’s week


9th February – Chocolate Day


Now that you have asked your partner out with a formal proposal of your choice, it is time to ignite your relationship with something sweet. Chocolates!!! Who isn’t fond of it? From toddlers to elders, we all love it. Bring your valentine a sweet treat on this day to express your affection and feelings, the right way. However, the day is just not about chocolates. This valentine’s day, express your feelings in a creative way along with the chocolate to make the moment a memorable one. Let’s see what day is tomorrow Valentine’s Week!


10th February – Teddy Day 


Teddies are always considered cuddle toys we’d use to hold in order to fall asleep. Gifting a stuffed teddy on this day will remind your valentine of you, even when you’re not around. Nowadays, you get teddys with in-built messages of your choice to gift your loved ones! You get teddy bears in all sizes you’d love to gift your loved ones! On this cute day, gift a soft toy to your valentine, children, or a friend. Wondering what day is tomorrow Valentine’s Week? Let’s know more! 


11th February – Promise Day 


Let’s take your love story to the next step! Promises are meant to keep. This month of love, we have a dedicated date for such a special thing to mark on our calendars. On this special day, assure your loved ones to be there by their sides through thick and thin, to grow and glow together! Reflect on the promises of togetherness and loyalty that you’ve made to your loved ones. 


12th February – Hug Day


Feeling safe and secure in the arms of your loved ones with a hug is a lovely gesture of expressing love. Wrap them in your arms with promises of togetherness and words of love! Express your feelings for which words won’t do justice with a warm and comforting hug. You can also gift them a hug cushion or a keychain which reminds them of you! Let us quickly see what day is tomorrow Valentine’s Week!


13th  February – Kiss Day 

With the gesture of expressing love, we celebrate Kiss day on the 13th of February. Seal your love with a passionate kiss this day to initiate a new journey of love with your valentine. Make your first kiss with your valentine, a memorable one alongside a lovely dim candle. It’s now time for the most awaited V-day, in this series of what is valentine’s week. 


14th February – Valentine’s Day 


Finally, the day that we were all patiently waiting for is here! This day of celebrating love, make your valentine’s heart skip a beat by arranging a romantic dinner date and subtly give out those three words of love they’ve been wanting to hear all the way long! 


If you’ve been wondering what is valentine’s week, your answer is here, crystal clear! Celebrate the season of love by knowing the significant days to grow your love deeper and stronger this season!