One of the best parts of a photograph is that you can walk down memory lane with your loved ones at any moment in time. Hanging up photographs on the wall gives a homely touch and it’s a great way to cherish the good and happy moments that we’ve spent with the people we adore and deeply care about!  Hanging up your favorite photos on the wall is a great way to decorate and personalize your space. Whenever you walk into the room, the photos of your loved ones will help you lighten your mood after a long stressful day at work. Deck your walls with your most treasured memories! We’ve curated a list of wall-hanging photo frame ideas that can be used to adorn your walls!

Wall Hanging Frame Ideas

  1. Big Frame: The best thing about having a big frame is that you can include as many pictures as you want. It can either be hung or set up against a desk. Place miniature photos so that you get a polished and contemporary look.
  2. Gallery Wall: Gallery wall hanging frame ideas is something that has been trending for decades now. Most people don’t implement it as it requires a big wall. But, if this is been on your wish list for a long time, don’t worry we got you!  A gallery collage photo frame wall hanging idea is perfect for people who don’t have space. As it makes it possible to frame all the photos that you are really fond of. 
  3. Metal wall hanging frame ideas: A hanging metal frame is another great way to display your photos. One of the best advantages of possessing it is that it doesn’t occupy much space and it enhances the room. These hanging metal frames come in a plethora of shapes like round, diamond frames, etc and it allows you to incorporate many photos. 
  4. Wall Hanging Wood Frames with Clips: If you’re a polaroid owner, then you should read this! The wood frames are long and they come with clips that allow you to attach your polaroid photos. Moreover, you can replace or even add new photographs at any time. The wood frames have high-quality adhesive stickers, therefore, they don’t come down easily. With this wall-hanging photo frame ideas you can have a gallery wall look instantly without drilling holes into your walls.
  5. Timeline: All photos tell a story. If you want your photos to tell a captivating story, creating a timeline can be done. Collect all your photos right from childhood to now and place them in the right chronological order. 
  6. Floating frames: Floating frames are a modern type of frame that gives an illusion of the picture floating in the frame. In traditional frames, the photos are hidden behind the frame. Whereas in this case, the full photo is on display. The floating photo frame wall hanging idea is growing in popularity as it gives a contemporary and aesthetic look to your wall. Floating frames also come in a variety of frame styles, so go ahead and choose the best one that matches your overall home decor. So you can place it in any room you like! Below are some wall-hanging frame ideas that you can do with your loved ones and spend some quality time creating something that you love.
  7. Mosaic: It can be really expensive to get all your photographs framed. You can still hang up your photos and decorate your walls without splurging. You can do that by printing all your photos, go for the premium quality paper so that doesn’t fade off. The printed photos can be stuck with washi tape. This little activity can be done with your loved ones. Happy DIY Session
  8. Fairy Lights: This wall-hanging photo frame idea is something that everyone is going to love. Fairy lights make everything so much better, they can transform a boring place into a warm and homely space. They also make it welcoming and cozy! To do this activity, you’ll need fairy lights, wooden clips, or any kind of clips and printed photos. All you’ve to do is clip the photographs to the fairy light strings and now you have a gorgeous wall. 

There is going to be a lot of trial and error before you finally hang up your photos. The process is not easy but it’s worth it and will pay off in the long run.  Arrange your photos on the floor and see which picture fits best. It’s really important to get the photo arrangement right as it’s going to have an impact on how the room will look after you’re done. Plan well in advance. I hope you found this article useful! Elevate your space with our photo frame wall hanging ideas.