The wedding anniversary is an important day for any couple and every anniversary should be celebrated as it marks the completion of a milestone together. Anniversary is a great day to celebrate love, affection and bonding. It’s important to set some traditions and practice those every year. Some couples have a nice dinner and surprise each other with gifts. Mostly, it’s the men who plan surprises. We, ladies, should plan a surprise for anniversary for husband once in a while. They’ll love it and will always remember it. And gift them something along with it, it can be difficult to come up with surprise anniversary gifts for husband. 

It can be confusing if you’re planning your first or tenth-anniversary surprise for husband. But don’t worry we got you covered! In this article, we’ll be exploring some ideas for surprise anniversary gifts for husband or your significant partner. 

Anniversary Suprise For Husband Ideas

  • Food: Food is the way to a man’s heart. Everyone loves food and eating your favourite food can improve your mood to a great extent. Treat your man to a nice place and order his ideal choice of food. 
  • Movie Marathon: Watching all your favourite rom-com movies with some pizza is a great way to spend the evening. 
  • Romantic Getaway: Planning a vacation must be done in advance to get the best deals so that everything comes under your budget. Going on a vacation is the best way to relax and it will strengthen your bond and deepen your love for each other. 
  • Arcade Night: If you want your date night to be something fun, then the arcade is a perfect place.
  • Game Night: One of the best ways to plan an anniversary surprise for husband is to plan a game night and play all the games that he loves. 
  • Album: Go through all the wedding photos and videos with your husband. It will take you back to the sweet times you spent on your big day.
  • Decorate: Decorate your space with candles, flowers, and fairy lights, hang up all your wedding frame photos and cook his favourite dinner. It’s a perfect anniversary surprise for husband.

After marriage, there’s a lot of responsibilities, couples don’t get time to spend with each other because of all the work. Planning a date night can help you to spend time, increase intimacy and help you to reconnect once again. At the end of the evening, you can also surprise your husband with a gift which will be the perfect way to end the day. 

Let’s go through some surprise anniversary gifts for husband:

  1. Frame all your beautiful wedding pictures together and create a custom collage. 
  2. Frame a beautiful picture on an acrylic plaque, it’s a perfect gift as it will last for years to come.
  3. You can gift him something he has wanted for a long time. 
  4. Order a customized acrylic keychain and get your pictures framed. Every time he sees the keychain, it will remind him of you and all the precious moments spent together. 
  5. One perfect surprise anniversary gifts for husband is to gift them tickets to a football or a cricket match. He’s always going to remember this. And according to research, when couples take part in each other hobbies, they are said to have healthier relationships. And, it’s a way to create memories that will last forever. 
  6. If your husband has a sweet tooth, you can surprise him with his favorite chocolates and desserts.
  7. Express your love for him by writing a sweet love letter. It’s a sweet gesture that will make him tear up and love you more. 
  8. All men love shoes, so take your man on a shopping spree and buy those pairs of shoes that he’s been wanting. 
  9. A ‘surprise anniversary gifts for husband’ idea is to buy him a Play Station console if your man loves playing games. Then this is the perfect surprise for him. And, it will be a great leisure activity for him to relax. And, you’ll both can play together. 


Once in a while, we, ladies should also pamper our husbands and plan an anniversary  surprise for husband. Men work hard and with all the everyday hustle and bustle, life can be really hard. Therefore, planning a surprise for anniversary for husband can be a great way to show how much you appreciate and are delighted to have him in your life. Pampering him once in a while can be a boon to your relationship. 

Planning a surprise for anniversary for husband can be a little difficult but after reading this article I hope it made some difference. No matter what you intend, make sure you plan it according to his interests and hobbies.  Start planning one month so that it’s perfect and you can execute it. Along with it, express your love for him with a sweet letter and a frame of your wedding photos. This will be a perfect surprise and you’ll both will remember this day!