Pictures are priceless memories that should be treasured by framing them. It is a great way to cherish the good times that we have spent with our loved ones. Embellishing your space by hanging up photo frames can change the entire vibe of the room.  At first, it can be really difficult to understand which frame sizes to choose and the arrangement. But, don’t worry! Read to learn more about the portrait frame sizes you can choose from.

There are numerous portrait frame sizes available. But, the most important thing is that the photo prints that you have should look good when it’s framed. You must choose the right frame size. Especially, right frame size will enhance the beauty of the portrait picture. 

Portrait frame sizes can either be customised as per your wish or there are standard portrait frame sizes widely available. 

Standard portrait frame sizes:

 If you have photo prints then mostly they will be in standard sizes. The most common dimensions are 4×6, 4×7, 6×8, 8×10, 8×12, 12×18, A3, A4 etc. Framing your photos in standard portrait frame sizes is much better as they’re popular and common and you’ll get in the same frame style you want. Ensure that the frame style matches your overall home decor as it will enhance the beauty.

If you want to frame your family photos then the best size is 4×6 as this frame size portrait is perfect if you want to make a collage of photos with other frames. A family tree can also be created with these portrait frames as they’re small in size. Family photos can be in black and white as it looks really good, giving them a classy look.

The standard portrait frame sizes of 4×6 can be propped against a desk in a line or a book frame can be added to your nightstand. 

Matting for Portrait Frame Sizes:

Another great way to decorate your portrait frame sizes is to add white or black border matting, this ameliorates the frame. A useful tip, if you want to add matting to your frames go for 6×8 or 8×10 frame sizes portrait. Matting also helps to protect the photo as there is a distance between the glass and the photo frame and as the mat acts like a border it gives a clean and polished look to the frame. The matting also comes in different colours and textures. 

If you have a big family picture then you can go for a 12×18 frame-size portrait. As the picture will fit perfectly and even look good! 

Landscape and scenery photos will look great visually in 12×18 standard portrait frame sizes.

Tips to choose the right portrait frame sizes:

To choose the perfect frame size, it’s important to consider the size of the wall. 

You also need to know how many frames you want to hang up on a wall. Planning is really important. 

Tip: Ensure that the photos are an inch smaller than the frames. Don’t choose very big frames as they can look odd. 

Ways to decorate your walls with frame sizes portrait:

If you want your living room to be eye-catching then you can consider hanging a big frame-sizes portrait in the middle of the wall or arranging the frame in a particular shape will create an elegant look. 

Decorating the wall with different portrait frame sizes also creates a unique design but before drilling holes, take a piece of paper and stick it on the wall with tape and place your photos and see how it looks. This can be done also on the floor. 

Choose a  theme colour for the wall decor depending on your overall home decor colours. Make sure the colours complement each other as your frames will pop and the unique design will be a treat to the eyes!

Different textured frames can also be arranged together. Experiment with the frames till you like what you see!

If you’re planning to hang up a photo frame above the bed, then a photo of a place or an abstract design may look really good. 

A gallery wall can be made using the 4×6 standard portrait frame sizes, you can add some family, and travel photos, quotes, abstract designs, etc in the layout. This will make it visually appealing. 


Hanging up photo frames is a great way to upgrade your wall decor as it makes a room lively and the energy of that space changes. But, the way the frames are arranged has an impact on how the space will look. Choosing the right portrait frame size is an important factor and should be considered. Mostly, we don’t pay much attention to it. Add a personalised touch to your space with your favourite photos.