Sundays can be really boring if you don’t have something planned. But, here is something you can do with your loved ones without splurging money by going out. And, it’s something that the entire family can do, be it your grandparents or toddlers. You can make photo frames at home and it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones or you can even revamp your old boring frames. Make some great memories and have a hearty laugh with your loved ones by making a handmade collage photo frame design. Framewalla has curated a list of ideas for Photo frame designs handmade. Happy Crafting!


Photo frame designs handmade:

Photo frame border design handmade can be decorated with materials that you already have. You’ll have a photo frame ready to hang in a few simple steps. There are two ways you can make a budget-friendly handmade collage photo frame design. Let’s get started!

1. Make a photo frame using cardboard or construction paper

Materials required: Cardboard or any construction paper, Scissors, Colours or Markers.

Step 1: Measure the size of your photos and cut the cardboard or the construction paper accordingly in a rectangular shape. Cut it a few inches bigger on all sides. This will be the size of your frame.

Step 2: Cut the middle part of your cardboard or construction paper into a rectangular shape, ensuring that it is smaller than the photo.

Step 3: Now it’s time to make the back of the frame, so cut another rectangular piece of cardboard it should fit the entire centre well. Glue the three sides of the board with an effective adhesive. Ensure to keep one side open so you can slide in your photo.

Step 4: Slide in your favourite photo.

2. A photo frame can also be made using popsicles:

Materials Required: Popsicles, Adhesive, Washi Tape, Colurs or Markers.

Step 1: You’ll need about 6-8 popsicles, colour or paint these popsicles or you can cover them with printed washi tape. 

Step 2: With a strong and effective adhesive start glueing the sticks together. Lay two sticks a few inches apart vertically and place the remaining sticks horizontally across on top. The two vertical sticks shouldn’t be visible.

Step 3: Decorate your frame. Below we’ve mentioned some ways you can decorate your frame.

Step 4: Attach your photos with glue or tape. You can place magnets at the back of your frame if you want to put it up on your refrigerator or you can set it up against the desk. 

Voila! Here are your photo frame designs handmade. It’s all ready to prop against a desk or stick on your wall!

Stick the frames on the wall in a creative way. Quotes or doodles can be made to decorate the wall even more.

Collage Frames:

A handmade collage frame design can also be created. Using the above guide you can make 3-4 more frames and add your photos to them. You can either stick your favourite photos on the wall in a specific shape like a heart,  family tree, diamond, square, rectangle, etc. using washi tape or you can hang it up. We’ll make a hanging handmade collage photo frame design. 

Another great idea is to make a big frame and to get all pictures printed into one big photograph. It’s ready to hang!

Materials Required: Cardboard, Construction paper or Wool, Scissors and Adhesive.

Step 1: Cut the cardboard into long and thin pieces. You can either cover it up with paper or wool. 

Step 2: Take enough wool and with a robust adhesive stick it on the created photo frames and the long cardboard. 

Ta-da! Your hanging handmade collage photo frame design is ready to hang.

Designing the borders of the frame:

We have curated a list of ideas on how you can deck up your photo frames or the ones that you already own. 

Adorn the photo frame border design handmade with our ideas. 

  • Make some flowers or other designs with Quilling paper.
  • Decorate the frame by doing mirror work. 
  • Use sequins, beads, buttons, bows, etc to spruce up your frames. 
  • Paint the frame with some flowers, polka dots or other types of designs. 

It’s time to get artsy and creative with your photo frame border design handmade! These handmade picture frames can also be given as gifts to your dear friends and family!


Decorating your homes with our photo frame designs handmade is a good way to spend some family time. Making a handmade collage photo frame design helps you save plenty of money and also you can give a special and aesthetic touch to your space by decorating the photo frame border design handmade. The way you arrange your photos plays a significant role in deciding how your overall space will look. Enhance your area with our ideas.