Photo frames are a great way to convert your boring bland walls into lively ones. You may want to hang up your favorite, priceless moments with your loved ones or any kind of artwork. But arranging photos can be a daunting task. Here is our guide on how to arrange photo frames on the wall.

Before hanging up photo frames, some things have to be done.

Selecting pictures

It’s essential to decide the theme of the photo wall, whether you want to hang up family photos, artwork, nature, paintings, places, etc. Deciding what type of photos you want to hang up helps to create the mood of the space. After you decide on the photos, choose a frame style and frame the photos.

How to arrange photo frames on wall?

You must decide on the arrangement of the photo frames. The way the picture frames are arranged on the wall plays an important role as it affects how the space will look. There are a few types of arrangement. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Rule of threes: You can arrange three photo frames together. The ‘rules of threes’ in design, are based on the observation that an odd number of objects look more attractive than even numbers. The three frames can also be hung vertically or horizontally depending on the existing wall. To create a clean and contemporary look you can go for three picture frames that are of the same size. But if you want to simply play around with the arrangement, the three frames can be of different sizes or the two frames at the sides can be of the same size and the middle one can be smaller or bigger. Arranging three vertical long picture frames on the wall elevates the space.

How To Arrange Photo Frames On Wall

  • Common themes: If you are planning to hang the picture frames on the same wall then you can consider arranging the photo frames in a particular shape like a square, rectangle or diamond. You must ensure that these frames have something common in them, it could be colour or the design.

How To Arrange Photo Frames On Wall

  • Grid: Arranging picture frames in a grid is a classic way as it gives a polished look. The photo frames can be arranged in a grid right above the sofa or bed but ensure that the picture frames are not hung too high, it should be at eye level. The picture frames should have 5-10 cm space between them as white space also adds to its unique beauty. If you are baffled about where else can you hang photos. Hanging photos near corridors or hallways are a good idea, as this space is mostly neglected. Hanging picture frames on a bright or textured colored wall is also another way to enhance the space.

How To Arrange Photo Frames On Wall

  • Ledge: You must be wondering how to arrange picture frames without drilling many holes into the wall. You can do that by building ledges. Small picture frames can be displayed in a straight line and you can also change or add new frames whenever you want without creating holes. Moreover, trophies and plants can also be added for decorative detail.
  • Stairway: If you want to display picture frames above the staircase then the photo frames should be arranged in an upward direction.
  • Picture: Pondering, How to arrange photo frames on the wall? Here is a tip, If you have a big picture frame, then you can consider hanging it up on a wall but don’t arrange it right in the center. By placing the photo frame a bit at the side, you’ll able to create a statement.

How To Arrange Photo Frames On Wall

  • Narrow Walls: If you are not sure how to arrange picture frames on narrow walls, Don’t worry we got you! Small picture frames can be hung up on narrow walls in a vertical manner.

Here are some tips on how to arrange your picture frames to achieve the desired arrangement: 

  1. Before you hang up your photos on the wall, you must lay and arrange the picture frames on the floor so you can see which arrangement looks the best and you don’t even have to drill many holes into your beautiful walls. 
  2. Another way to check if your arrangement looks good, you can take a big size paper and tape it on the wall and then arrange your photo frames on the wall.
  3. The photo frames shouldn’t be sticking to each nor too far, just the right balance. 
  4. Ensure that the art pieces you pick fit into the overall colour scheme of your space as they will beautify the room even more.

Experiment with your arrangement till you don’t achieve the arrangement. Use your space creatively. If you want more inspiration on how to arrange photo frames on the wall, check out some magazines. Pinterest is another way to learn how to arrange photo frames on the wall


The pictures that you hang portray your personality, ensure the pictures, artworks, paintings, landscapes, etc are something that you love and are passionate about as it will make the whole process simpler. I hope this guide on ‘how to arrange picture frames on the wall’ helped you to arrange your favourite picture frames in a beautiful layout. Following the simple tips will help you to achieve a flawless arrangement.